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[n] Lee SeungGi expresses unhappiness to YoonA-TaecYeon scandal


SBS variety show Strong Heart MC Lee Seung Gi reveals his unhappiness to YoonA-Ok TaeYeon scandal.

So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA and 2PM TaecYeon was present in the recent filming of ‘Strong Heart’. The 2 had showed not just their dances as Korea’s representative idols, but also their good speaking.

Especially during the filming, Lee SeungGi-YoonA-TaecYeon “love triangle” was the hot issue amongst the guest appearances. Previously, YoonA and TaecYeon put up a couple performance for MBC Gayo Festival on 31st December, which had sparked off talks of scandal. Back then, the 2 had clarified with the comment “It is just for business” to calm the scandal rumors.

So the issue of scandal between the 2 was put in the spotlight during filming that day even though the 2 had made it clear that it was just for pure entertainment purpose. With that, Lee SeungGi was seen uncomfortable during all the talk about the scandal between the 2.

Lee SeungGi has also always proclaimed that YoonA is his ideal type of girl. With that YoonA also revealed, “I’m really happy that Lee SeungGi has chosen me as his ideal type of girl.”

It is said that the YoonA was also made to choose her ideal type between Lee SeungGi and TaecYeon during the filming.

Meanwhile, the show is set to air on 9th February at 11.05pm.

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