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[n] 100322 Taeyeon’s Chin Chin translation


Back in elementary school, Taeyeon remarked saying that she was considered one of the tallest girl in her grade. Read more…


[f] 100212 Invincible Youth E17 & 18 summary

G7 and crew are hanging out underneath an entrance to shield themselves from the rain. The weather makes them gloomy but they try to lift the mood by singing songs that has "rain" in the lyrics. Read more…

[f] Yoona @ Family Outing S2 E2 Summary


From last week, a talent show-type competition was started to see who would have to wash the mountain pile of dirty dishes! The one with the most sponges is the loser! Read more…

[f] Yoona @ Family Outing S2 E1 Summary

The new season of Family Outing starts with Taecyeon among two other members getting selected for a mission which was to escort one additional family member. Read more…

[n] 100219 SNSD @ Shin Bongsun’s Donggo Dongrak Radio Appearance


Question: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Saying "we’re SNSD" would start to be embarrassing to say right? Read more…

[n] 100212 Invincible Youth E16 summary

we see G7 who are starting a competition against the village elders for a chance to win what looks like a tractor-type vehicle. The name of the game is a giant-sized version of a tradition Korean game called Yut. Read more…

[n] 100205 SNSD @ Taeyeon’s Chin Chin Bora Appearance

– This is SNSD’s first radio appearance for "Oh!" promotions.

– Taeyeon’s voice was hoarse, she had a cold and lost her voice (They were teasing her and calling her Park Kyunglim, who is known for her raspy voice). Read more…