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[YOONISM] Strength

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I’ve wanted to express my opinion about Yoona for quite sometime, but it’s difficult. No matter how much I’ve been thinking about the ‘face’ of Soshi, she’s really tough to conceptualize. It’s like trying to read a forest and realizing I’m standing too close. Take a step back. Another, another, another. No matter how far back I step, I still can’t see all of her. Read more…

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[n] There is no one good for Yoona?

On the 19th, a picture of SHINee’s Key and Yoona surfaced on SHINee’s me2day. Read more…

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[n] Sooyoung wanted to be friends with Yoona

On the 17th, Y-STAR released another episode of Right Now Girls’ Generation. The girls talked about their online rankings made by their fans on this episode. Read more…

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[n] SNSD’s imaginary international marriage?


SNSD had a fun time choosing their imaginary international partners and a special stage in SBS’s ‘Kim JungEun’s Chocolate’. Read more…

[i] 100330 Yoona @ 7th Korean Music Awards


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[i] SPAO Star Jeans HQ Pictures