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[n] How Music Bank point is counted?

Most Mubank wins are about 10,000 Kchart points so 20K+ really is an incredible number. Be proud that only very few kpop acts can achieve that kind of score. Read more…


[f] Random and Funny Facts About SNSD

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[n] Korean background – Sasaeng fans

There are some fans that stalk their kpop idols ie the sasaeng fans (private life stalking fans). They can be really scary – sasaengs of some famous kpop idol group members have access to tap into the idol’s phone, citizen number, and can even enter the idol’s home sometimes.

Korean fans clearly understand their idols’ dorms are off limits and any "fan" stalking the dorms are considered sasaengs and they are denounced by other fans. I’m actually explaining this so that people won’t be worrying about SNSD girls. Sasaeng fans are a huge problem with boybands, but fortunately no significant sasaeng culture developed for girl groups.

SNSD has some sasaengs as mentioned in the interview, but they are not known to be anything like threatening, mostly just immature kids wanting to get a peek of the girls. Nonetheless it can be scary for girls to have them waiting right outside their door day and night. The old dorm was really all out in the open for anyone to invade. The new dorm I would assume from many evidences that it would be one of those newer buildings in Chungdamdong. These newer buildings have total security and it is simply impossible for outsiders to have any access to the building or its parking lot so the girls are totally safe from any sasaengs or drunken man now.

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Sone POVs around the world

Anyways, so if you add each of the girls fan cafe members [ex. jessica, taeyeon etc.]on Naver, they’ll have a much bigger members than others? That’s a lot and taengoo have a lot too. But I think those numbers of fans are just numbers since you can’t really be sure if that’s the exact number of fans the girls have.

That’s right the individual member fan cafe numbers are not really an accurate way of determining fan numbers. As explained Daum group cafe numbers like Hwasu having 291K can be used to estimate the snsd fan number. But for example Yoona with 40K on Naver Cafe cannot be used to estimate that Yoona has 40K fans, because for these individual member cafes fans are more random in registering them.

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Korean Music Industry Episode 2

Here’s a rundown of Korean SNSD sites. I guess it’s not much of use to most international Sones but if you are Korean or know Korean, it’d be nice if you take part in these Korean sites and become couriers of SNSD news to international fans. Especially because there are so many misleading/false news popping up on kpop sites these days as you know.

The biggies

Hwasu – Daum’s snsd fancafe. 292,000 members
Cistus – Naver’s snsd fancafe 286,000 members

These two Daum and Naver cafes have the biggest number of members and are the most general SNSD sites. They are not official sites and in fact there are many other snsd fancafes on Daum and Naver but these two have the dominating numbers so they are seen as representing the majority of Sones.

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Korean Music Industry Episode 1

Long time lurker, just had to sign up to ask about this though… if SM is such a big record label, why can’t they handle their own distribution? I find it amazing that in the most internet-savvy country on earth, they can’t set up their own website for distributing their own music.

It’s not uncommon for that to happen here in the UK. Even if music is distributed through someone else, a minimum 40p (65 cents, 730 won), 40-50% of the download, goes to the label.

And on a similar subject, why are concerts so rare? They’re the main source of income for artists over here. For instance, girl group The Saturdays did a 16-date tour a year after debut, which is normal. It’s strange to me that SNSD doing two nights was a huge thing.

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