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[v] 100309 KBS2 Invincible Youth E22 – Sunny, Sooyoung


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[v] 100312 Yuri, Sunny @ KBS Invincible Youth E21

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[v] 100305 KBS Invincible Youth E20 – Yuri, Sunny

[n] What does the PD think of the SNSD members?


The PD of Invincible Youth revealed his thoughts about each member of G7. On the show, the PD is who gets closest with all the of the staff and celebrities of the show. He gets to direct the people, be in charge of things and really bond with others. Read more…

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[n] Sooyoung impresses on Invincible Youth

filmed an episode of Invincible Youth as a replacement of Yuri. Yuri was out because she had the swine flu for a few days over a week ago. Read more…

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[n] Why was Sunny crying on Invincible Youth?

On a recent filming of KBS Invincible YouthSNSD’s “aegyo queen” Sunny concentrated on fulfilling her “5 promises to the nation” project. Read more…

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[f] 100212 Invincible Youth E17 & 18 summary

G7 and crew are hanging out underneath an entrance to shield themselves from the rain. The weather makes them gloomy but they try to lift the mood by singing songs that has "rain" in the lyrics. Read more…