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[n] Taeyeon’s ‘Song to the Sun’ musical long interview

All 9 of them are planned with the same consistency which so lovely and pleasant, as predicted their active and lively performance, the "Girls Generation". Read more…


[n] Cubed3 interview with Tiffany is a real fake!

We reported earlier that Tiffany get an interview with a gaming site name Cubed3 but it seem like a fake interview that was first planning for gaining attention purpose. Read more…

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[n] Cubed3 interview with Tiffany

Adam Riley, Senior Editor at Cubed3: To start with, could you please tell our readers a little bit about SNSD? Read more…

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[v] 100325 SBS News – SNSD’s Run Devil Run Interview

[n] Few questions about Black SNSD


SNSD has comeback, and this time it’s black. Since March 11th, the new SNSD pictures has been released for 4 days showing a completely new concept. Read more…

[n] “For ‘Black SoShi’, we will not be singing to the oppas but to the unnies”

SNSD reveals a little secret about their follow-hit with the concept of ‘Black SoShi’. Read more…

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[n] 100208 SNSD @ Kiss The Radio Bora Appearance

Some nicknames they call each other:

Sooyoung calls Hyoyeon, Hyosukie – Taeyeon, Taengie – YoonA, Yoongie – Seohyun, Makdoongie (cute way of saying maknae). Read more…

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