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[n][v] SNSD’s Run Devil Run on Music Bank!

The 9 beautiful girls of SNSD are back again with their repackaged album title track Run Devil Run! Continue reading and download


[n] Black Soshi returns with Run Devil Run on Music Bank!

The time has come for SNSD / Girls’ Generation to cast off their oppa-loving cheerleader look and put on the makeup and sexy for their Black Soshi concept on Music Bank!

Click here to continue reading and download

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[i] 100305 SNSD @ KBS Music Bank


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[n] So Nyeo Shi Dae poses for 5 wins on KBS Music Bank


So Nyeo Shi Dae reveals their commemorative photos for winning #1 on Music Bank for the 5th consecutive week. Read more…

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[i] 100226 SNSD @ KBS Music Bank


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[n] SNSD wins Music Bank K-Chart with Oh! for the 4th time


The girls took the win with 20,549 points on the Feb 26th episode of Music Bank with their title track Oh! for their 4th win since their comeback. SNSD’s competitors were the same as before but they prevailed against CNBLUE and 2AM. Read more and download

[v] 100219 KBS Music Bank best scenes