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Sosizzle 3 for iPhone

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Hi, very long time no see.

I made the web version of my little game Sosizzle so I can play it on my iPod touch when I have free time, hope you guys like it :)

First, visit the url:, choose game level (very easy, easy,..) then press the plus icon (in the browser status bar) and choose “Add to Home Screen” and then you can play it offline :D

Game rules:

– Connect similar member tiles with maximum of 3 lines (or 2 turns).
– Connection over another tiles or more than 3 lines are not allowed.

Screenshots: Read more…

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[i] SNSD And The Spectaculous Sone’s Room


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[v] I have nothing to say about Taengoo…

OMG =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)), ☆★☆ EPIC MOMENT ☆★☆

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[v] K-Boy Dances To SNSD Oh!

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[f] Happy 22nd Birthday to Taeyeon

Happy birthday to our beloved kid-leader ♥♥Taengoo♥♥

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