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ChinChin PD explains, "It’s not Taeyeon’s fault. It’s because something happened inside the studio"

D Kim Jungkwan explained SNSD’s Taeyeon’s outburst of laughter during the ChinChin radio session.

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100104 Taeyeon @ Chin Chin Radio

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100104 Taeyeon Can’t Stop Laughing @ Chin Chin Radio

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100101 Chin Chin Radio Talk

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SNSD TaeYeon shows off her new Male Best Friend!

On January 2, TaeYeon’s ChinChin Radio Homepage posted photos of her together with BEAST leader Yoon DooJoon when he came to the radio show as guest on Jan 1st,2010.

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SNSD TaeYeon and Super Junior ShinDong awarded the radio newcomer awards at MBC Drama Awards

So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon and Super Junior ShinDong have been awarded the best newcomer award for radio category during 2009 MBC Drama Awards.

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091223 Taeyeon @ Chin Chin Radio Gif

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