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[n] Cubed3 interview with Tiffany is a real fake!

We reported earlier that Tiffany get an interview with a gaming site name Cubed3 but it seem like a fake interview that was first planning for gaining attention purpose. Read more…

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[n] Cubed3 interview with Tiffany

Adam Riley, Senior Editor at Cubed3: To start with, could you please tell our readers a little bit about SNSD? Read more…

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[n] Tiffany’s picture was used in a Netherlands porn site?

It seems so. A porn website titled “Porn in the Netherlands” showed a photo of Tiffany as the title image for a porn video clip as if she stars in the clip. Read more…

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[f] Tiffany and Jessica’s family tree

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[n] SNSD’s imaginary international marriage?


SNSD had a fun time choosing their imaginary international partners and a special stage in SBS’s ‘Kim JungEun’s Chocolate’. Read more…

[v] 100410 MBC Music Core – Yuri, Tiffany MC Cut

[v] 100409 MBC Entertainment TV – Yuri, Sooyoung, Tiffany Cut

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