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SNSD recently wrapped up MV filming for January comeback?


At least that’s what the latest in the kpop rumor mill is indicating! Although nothing has been confirmed by official sources, word on the (cyber) street has it that SNSD will be making their big comeback at the end of this month with their third mini-album.

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1st Asia Tour Concert next stop.

A fan who went to KBS on 091225 had a short talk with SNSD’s manager and the girls. He seemed to went with a person who knew someone inside KBS. The manager said Thailand may be SNSD’s last stop for the 1st Asia Tour and now at this point it is scheduled around May.

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SNSD and the HanKyung rumor


Decomber 23rd a Chinese website posted a news article titled "HanKyung was humiliated by SNSD numerous times and Kim Heechul can’t stand any longer". This "news" originated from SNSD’s anti organization, and the nation’s media press posted the anti’s "news" as news article, which is the first time such a thing happened.

But, as long as one who understands SNSD and HanKyung will know that this is absolutely false.

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Would Taeyeon performs Hush Hush live?

SNSD fans flood SM and all the shows over in Korea with e-mails asking them to let Taeyeon perform Hush Hush live on one of those shows. I really want to see it in better quality. From what I did hear it sounds amazing.

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A new girl group: Ok-nyeo-shi-dae!


What happened to 2PM beast Taecyeon?! Read more…

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Taeyeon is stepping down from her position as a leader?


As some of you may have heard, there were rumors about SNSD’s leader, Taeyeon, possibly stepping down from her position as a leader. Read more…

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