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[YURISM] Balance

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How does one understand Kwon Yuri, the hottest of the hot? Read more…

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[n] Hyori is keeping an eye on Yuri

At a press conference held on the 13th in celebration of her 4th album’s release, Lee Hyori was asked “Which girl group hoobae are you eyeing?” Without hesitation, the Queen of K-pop answered… Read more…

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[v] 100410 SBS Star King – SNSD Cut

[n] Yuri’s skin mystery?

Sooyoung says Yuri’s secret for her skin is moisture cream. Read more…

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[v] 100410 MBC Music Core – Yuri, Tiffany MC Cut

[v] 100409 MBC Entertainment TV – Yuri, Sooyoung, Tiffany Cut

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