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[n] Taeyeon hand over Chin Chin DJ to IU

After 2 years running, radio DJ and SNSD member Taeyeon shed tears during the recent broadcast.

On the 19th, Taeyeon went on air for the first time since her decision to leave MBC FM4U’s “Taeyeon’s Chinhan Chingu” radio program was revealed. During this show, tears she tried to hold in, burst out in a flood of emotion. Taeyeon tried to start off the show cheerfully, suppressing her feelings, but once the tears started falling, the wouldn’t stop.

Taeyeon started off the show with, “This week is really precious to me and you’ll know that I regret it very much.

I’m getting a lot texts and the like. They say things like, “Don’t go, where are you going, you can’t”  and I’m getting a lot of these messages. To all the listeners and staff members here, my family, who are going to miss me, I thank you very very much. I’m going to regret this as much as you all. With this last week we have together, I want to talk a lot as well as listen a lot.

Chin Chin was a program that I thought I led, but really it’s just a place where I can talk freely, basically chat. I’m not a very open person; I don’t even have a minihompy or a personal blog to reach out to fans, so I cherish Chin Chin that much more. When I think about leaving, I’m filled with regret…” and she couldn’t finish her sentence as tears started falling.

She went on and cried a few more times during the program.

Having announced her decision to step down from her radio DJ job of Chin Chin yesterday, MBC Radio has been searching around for an adequate replacement to fill the position vacated by SNSD’s Taeyeon.

But it certainly did not take too long as they named 16 year old singer and high school student, IU as the new Chin Chin DJ. It will be a significant step up for the young girl who already appears on five radio programs weekly.

MBC also said that they are just trying IU out for now and could also revert back to a double-DJ system like before. For now though, it’s just decided that IU will begin hosting by herself from next Monday, April 26th.

Taeyeon’s last radio broadcast will be this Sunday, April 25th and we wish IU lots of luck in her new job!

Credit: allkpop

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