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[n] SNSD reveal some secret stories on Win Win


On the upcoming episode of Win Win, some secret of the girls has been revealed

The girls confessed that though they don’t drink often, they do drink from time to time.

Tiffany told a story about Sooyoung, “Once, Sooyoung drank a can of beer and came back to the dorm with a very red face. So I asked her, ‘Did you drink?’ and she said to me, ‘What? I’m not allowed to drink?’”

Tiffany revealed Jessica’s habits.

She said, “Jessica always makes calls when she drinks.” Jessica added, “I always make arrangements to see my mom when I drink and the next day when my mom comes to see me, I say, “Mom, why are you here?’ I never remember anything.”

Member Hyoyeon revealed, “Before we debuted, I didn’t get along well with Taeyeon, who was my age. Even when we ate together, it was so uncomfortable that I couldn’t tell if the rice was going in my nose or in my mouth.

In response, Taeyeon said, “It was the same with me. Even on radio there was a time when I said, ‘Hyoyeon is the most awkward.’”

Another relationship just as uneasy as Taeyeon and Hyoyeon’s was also present. Tiffany and Seohyun.

Tiffany said, “Seohyun was really a burden to me once. Before we debuted, I was put in a room with the overachieving maknae Seohyun. Because I was older, I felt the pressure of having to show a better image than her.

Tiffany continued, “I would show up late sometimes just to avoid the pure and proper Seohyun and prevent myself from ‘corrupting’ her.

On this episode, Hyoyeon also revealed, “On the days Seohyun meets Jung Yong Hwa and comes home, she talks about her husband to the point where we can’t sleep.

It seems like they’re really dating.”

Then the wife herself stated, “Although at first I worried that it might be awkward, Jung Yong Hwa proved otherwise. He has a very nice personality and is very considerate, he adjusts to you.

Taeyeon added, “It was hard for me to digest the cute concept as a 19-year-old when promoting Gee, because I thought it didn’t match me. I had thoughts of needing to show fans a different side of me, rather than the cute concept we always had. However, I saw the other members trying hard, and came to reflect on my immature thoughts.

To this, fellow member Yuri responded, “Being asked to sing in a voice that sounds like a rolling marble across when I have a husky voice was stressful.”

It’s good that Taeyeon decided to change her mind because Gee became a turning point in SNSD’s music career and has allowed them to reach where they are today. Isn’t ironic that Taeyeon, arguably the most adorable member of SNSD, couldn’t handle the cute and innocent concept of Gee?

For this episode, which will air on the 20th, Taeyeon stepped down as the MC and participated in the show with her fellow SNSD members.

Credit: allkpop

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