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[n] Hyori is keeping an eye on Yuri

At a press conference held on the 13th in celebration of her 4th album’s release, Lee Hyori was asked “Which girl group hoobae are you eyeing?” Without hesitation, the Queen of K-pop answered…

Hyori stated, “It was like seeing myself in the past. I watched SNSD’s concert and Yuri’s solo performance was impressive. During the Fin.K.L days, I, too, performed a solo performance at the concert and received attention from the music industry shortly thereafter. I have seen Yuri sing solo before and I think she is capable of succeeding as a solo artist.”

Hyori added, “The featured artists in my album, 4minute’s Jiyoon and After School’s Bekah, are friends that I have already stamped my approval on.”

Hyori also did not forget to lend a few words of advice to all the idols undergoing promotional activities. “As you receive training, you perform as much as you are taught. For now, you do as you are told by the management company, but once the contract ends, you will be all alone. If you do not learn to become independent, you may end up in a situation similar to that of an orphan who lost his/her parents.”

It must be an honor for Yuri and CL to be praised by the Queen of K-pop herself. Her observations are right on point too; Yuri and CL are both a popular favorite among the domestic and international crowd. With Yuri’s sex appeal and down-to-earth personality and CL’s natural charisma on and off stage, the future ahead looks bright for the two of them.

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