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[n] 100410 Taeyeon’s diary

Today, as usual I gave my mum a call, telling her the items that I needed.

“Mum, I need to buy some milk to drink. How do you do it? Auto payment should be easier?

Then you will need the bank account number and also the dorm address. Mum, do you know how?”

Whenever I need anything, I would call my mum like this.

I am already 22 years old, 2 years into my adulthood. It’s not as if I ask my mum to do everything, but I am still very dependent on my mum. I try my best to do things which I can do, but the problem is that I am like a child that is always begging the mother for a toy, troubling her for things that I needed.

Once, I thought of going to exercise near the Han River when the weather is good, so I beg my mum for a bicycle.

After great trouble from buying the bicycle, I left the new bicycle untouched for almost a month. Now, the bicycle is full of dust.

~Sign~ Although I am like this and to me I look like a child, but at the point in time, I indeed wanted the bicycle very badly.This time, I do not know what I would want again and for that item how I would trouble my mum. I really don’t understand myself.

Actually I am not the only person who treat my mother like this; whenever I need anything I would give my mum a call.

Unnie(Chin Chin author), I guess you are like this too? She says she is like this too. Hahaha.

But I try…because I have been staying in the dorm for almost 5 years and thus know how to handle a few situations. But sometimes when I need to buy some stuff that is too big/troublesome/expensive, I would give my mum a call.

Come to think of it, sometimes I only call my mum when I need items, so I am quite guilty about it.

I want to give some thoughts to my behavior and thus I wrote this diary.

However, these days I regularly call my mum, thus it feels more like friends with my mum. Anyway, I miss my mum greatly.

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