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[n] SNSD’s cameo on Oh! My Lady is a success!

News broke out earlier that SNSD’s Jessica, HyoYeon, and SooYoung were to make a cameo on SBS Oh! My Lady.

Pictures and a short interview with the members have been released! The three ladies agreed to the guest appearance earlier to support fellow SM Entertainment colleague Choi SiWon, who is the lead male actor on Oh! My Lady. They acted as themselves in a scene where Choi SiWon’s character, idol Sung MinWoo, heads off to a fashion show.

When they arrived on set, SNSD were warmly welcomed by Choi SiWon with a smile, and the three members were met with a round of applause by the staff and Park YoungSoo PD after they greeted everyone, “Hello. We’re SNSD!”

The girls filmed a scene where they all took pictures on the red carpet like the glamorous celebrities they are.

SiWon expressed his thanks by saying,
Even though they’re busy, I’m so grateful that they found time to film a scene. SooYoung and I take acting lessons together so we talk a lot about acting. I even introduce her as my blood relative to others. We promised each other that when one of us is acting the other would make a cameo.
SooYoung replied, “Since it’s a drama that SiWon oppa is starring in, I’m always watching it. I remember his kiss scene in the first episode with Jun HyeJin; his acting is so cool, and he’s very good at it.”

Jessica, who just wrapped up her own acting gig as the star of Legally Blonde, added, “I know that SiWon oppa has a lot of desire for acting. I’d like to see him turn into a genuine actor through this drama. If I ever get the opportunity, I’d like to challenge myself with a drama too.”

Be sure to keep an eye out for this star-studded episode that is scheduled to air April 12th!

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