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[n] Please put some makeup on when you go out

Sunny revealed her story about the trip to an amusement without her manager.

SBS’ variety program, "Strong Hearts" was aired on the 6th and Sunny shared her secret story about going to an amusement park with HyoYeon, Jessica and Tiffany.

During their break prior to the official announcement of, "Gee" the girls went to an amusement with scarves but no makeup. However, there were still some people who noticed them making their trip a bit difficult. That’s why the 4 girls decided to wear the raccoon masks sold by the amusement. In the end, the girls were able to enjoy their rides with raccoon masks on.

Just before they were planning to go back, a high 180km speed roller coaster caught their eyes. They waited for an hour for the ride, but apparently in order to get on you had to take off all hats, scarves and masks. The girls decided that after waiting for so long, it’d be a waste to not to ride it so they took of their masks and scarves to enjoyed the roller coaster.

The girls thought their escape went unnoticed, however on the next day their company’s atmosphere wasn’t so good. The manager started off by asking, "Did you guys go to an amusement park?" and ended with, "If you were planning to go, you should have at least put some makeup on" the reason was because pictures of them without makeup was taken at the
amusement park and now on the internet.

Sunny replied, "We really tried to stay hidden, but got caught." and continued on saying "Due to the release of these pictures, we were warned by our company to use makeup more often." which made everyone laugh.

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