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[n] SONEs get excited over SNSD shrine in Canada


An ambitious project started by a hardcore SNSD fan in Canada has got many SONEs pumping with excitement.

The fan who goes by the name of Lee Kwon Chen has set up an ambitious project called Soshi Dreamz which is broken down into several sub-division including a store to get SNSD-related merchandise at a cheaper rate for fans, a SNSD-related map of Seoul attractions which will point you to Yoona’s university campus, Taeyeon’s dad optical shop for example and finally a Soshi Museum of Dreams + Lounge where it’s self-explanatory.

But before all that, this fan recently uploaded several pictures and a video of his “office” which was like a mini-SNSD shrine consisting of many cool SNSD-related merchandise that has been collected into one location. One could really get lost here for hours, especially for hardcore SNSD fans because there’s simply too many things to look at. This “office” had been set up with $8,000 US dollars and will be the focal point where Lee will turn his ambitious project into reality.

Netizens commented, “I want to go and visit this place,” “I wish I could live there,” etc.

For more information and pictures about this project, check this out.

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