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[n] SNSD will be guests on Win Win

Win Win
is a variety show that is gaining popularity, especially with their famous idol assistant MC’s. The first being SNSD’s leader Taeyeon. The second is 2PM’s Wooyoung, whom is known for being a very witty assistant MC on the show.

Back in February, Wooyoung’s mates at 2PM made an appearance on Win Win and talked about all kinds of things. They talked about SNSD, online shopping, girl groups’ dances…

Now it’s Taeyeon’s turn to bring her friends on as SNSD is set to appear on the show! This show is all about answering the netizens’ questions, so the show is taking questions straight from the netizens and in turn will ask it to the girls. Let’s just hope the questions aren’t too typical because how many times have we heard them answer about their ideal types, their future, each members’ sleeping habits, etc.

Currently, the date hasn’t been confirmed yet for their appearance but I’m guessing they’re going to film it pretty soon because the show is fielding questions for them right now. Let’s wait to see how Taeyeon leads the girls on the show.

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