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[n] SNSD Run Devil Run photo card messages


You better run~
SNSD is coming!!
run DEVIL run

God Bless You
Sooyoung will always be next to *insert name* ^^
I love you~

Run Devil run
SNSD! Right now! In the future! Forever!

Run Devil Run…
Please love it a lot. ^^

SNSD Album!!
Please love it alot ^^
Run Devil Run *Dae…*Bak!!
Everyone hwaiting.

Do you guys like our special transformation..? The girls have matured kekeke
Please love us a lot!!! **(This time the girls will probably sing along more right?)
**Oppas! Sorry.. Dongsaeng and friends hwaiting!!! ….*Do it right!!
*Lyric from RDR
**Probably because RDR is a song about boy backstabbing a girl or something like that so it’ll relate to girls more

To those who always loved Girls Generation~!!
Because of you guys I’m so happy~! ><
We’ll work harder to show you our new selves~!
Run Devil Run! You’ll be able to see our new selves~ ^^

Wow~! Our special transformation… It’s really new right~??
As you keep on listening to run devil run (unable to read this part)
Please give a lot of love for "RUN DEVIL RUN"~!!!!

Run Devil Run!
*There is no one like me~!
SNSD’s new image >.<
Everyone~ You guys waited for it for a long time!
You guys will show a lot of love again right?!
Run Run!!
*Lyrics from RDR

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  1. bioca
    [100415] at 8:43 PM

    hello SNSD!!
    I am so glad to see your new MV “RunDevilRun” & I loved your new transformation!!

    I am with you SNSD!! ><

    FIGHTING!! ^^

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