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[n] 100322 Taeyeon’s Chin Chin translation


Back in elementary school, Taeyeon remarked saying that she was considered one of the tallest girl in her grade.

One of the guests then joked saying “Ah, does that mean you’ve maintained the same height all the way until now?” To which Taeyeon replied saying she’s probably grown at least 2 cm more? (lol) She also fought frequently with boys back then, perhaps because she was taller/bigger than them?

Girls tend to grow more faster than boys in elementary. Despite her looks, she’s also fought very viciously at times with others (including her brother). She commented saying that she was a ‘Fighter’ back then

They were talking about how frustrating/annoying it is when for example, you’ve finally reached a high-score on a game you’ve been playing and then someone comes along and accidentally turns off the game by tripping on the game plug, deleting your record lol.

Taeyeon then said that a similar situation happened to her once, but while she was texting someone. She was in a very serious/angry mode writing this long text to someone on her phone. She doesn’t remember which member did this but one of them came up and closed her flip cell phone as a joke.

She said she was then just speechless at that member….. cause she had all these words and her thoughts written down on her cell at that moment that she couldn’t remember again.

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