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[n] Jessica perverted paparazzi collection is leaked!

Remember the ByunSica story on the previous Strong Heart episode when Sunny accused Jessica for privately taking the girls’ picture when they’re in changing?

Sunny added, "While we were changing in the waiting room, there was a sound of a camera. When I turned around, it was Jessica’s act of paparazzi." This made Jessica embarrassed.

When Sunny told Jessica to erase it, Jessica said that it was a precious memory and ended up keeping it. It was revealed that Jessica looks at the pictures and laugh by herself. Jessica seemed proud to have the "ByunSica Collection".

You may think that the story was just a joke and made up for funny and rating purpose? I’m too think like that but it’s real and accidentally it was spread all around the internet this morning. If you really want to see, click here. You don’t want to get hurt or take the advantage of the girls then leave this page immediately.

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  1. polynna
    [100401] at 12:52 PM

    hahaha..that was good o_O

  2. procrastinatoress
    [100401] at 5:46 PM

    I saw that coming you…>.>

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