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[n] What does the PD think of the SNSD members?


The PD of Invincible Youth revealed his thoughts about each member of G7. On the show, the PD is who gets closest with all the of the staff and celebrities of the show. He gets to direct the people, be in charge of things and really bond with others.

About SNSD’s Yuri:

Yuri made our show more popular and known when we first started. She is our ace member and is in charge of being the girl with a pretty face. She’s a billboard character on the show but she didn’t know what type of character to be. She was confused about how to act so I told her to be carefree. Don’t try to look pretty but act like yourself. She’s very competitive and has a high spirit. She is kind of greedy so she never tries to lose when there’s a mission. Once, she took a break because she was diagnosed with swine flu, and she kept texting me, the writer and Kim Tae Woo. Sooyoung came instead of her and she said to not try hard on the show. She’s very kind as well.

About SNSD’s Sunny:

Sunny is a very reasonable and smart kid. When all the guys were picking a girl they would want as their wife, Sunny was picked by everyone. She would be good at being a housewife and take care of a household very well. She’s very funny and has business-like skills. Sunny and Narsha are the two that are very good at variety shows.

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