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[n] Korea’s next idol baseball pitcher?

The American pastime of baseball has many traditions – the hot dogs, the overpriced foam fingers, the Korean idol group members… wait, what?

Of course, Korea has taken one of baseball’s many traditions and added their own twist to it. Instead of the President coming out to pitch the first throw of the season before the start of a baseball match, Korea usually has a gorgeous Korean idol group member throw the opening pitch!

There were a number of memorable pitchers in the past, including After School’s UEE and SNSD’s Yoona. The Wonder Girls’ Sunye also pitched for the Cleveland Indians in the States if you recall!

A poll was held to see who people wanted to see come back this year to pitch again, and the winner was… SNSD’s Yuri!

The complete results were as follows:

1. Yuri – 1027 votes (29.6%)

2. Goo Hye Sun – 577 votes (14.2%)

3. Yoona – 575 votes (14.1%)

4. Goo Hara – 548 votes (13.5%)

5. Sunye – 235 votes (5.8%)

6. Hong Soo Ah – 219 votes (5.4%)

7. Park Shin Hye – 156 votes (3.8%)

8. Han Seung Yeon – 118 votes (2.9%)

9. Yoon Jung Hye – 113 votes (2.8%)

10. Lee Bo Young – 42 votes (1%)

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