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[f] I had a fight with Seohyun

I had a dream last night, and of course it’s nothing to post if it wasn’t something about our girls. I was laying lazily on the bed watching Hello Baby (SHINee – SNSD Cut)

And suddenly maknae sneaked into my room with the happy and cute face then said:


Lolz, of course YES, how dare you say NO to a lovely girl like her. I said “Sure”. Then we went to the storeroom to get the kendo armor. If you don’t know what kendo armor look like. Here it is. (Tell you the truth, I know nothing about Kendo :D)


– “Kyahh! It’s ugly >.>, I don’t want to wear them”. Maknae said and then she looked at me, made a weird smile then continued: “Oppa, since I don’t want to wear them, consider it as your handicap, tehee ^^. But if I win, you have to do something for me”.

OMGee!, it’s so lovely hearing maknae said that. I don’t remember much of the details how her voice in English but it’s so cute. “Ok” I said (I’m kind of icy in talking like Sica :D). Have you ever seen a kendo match? Yes or no, just take a look!

So now you have a little feel about Kendo fight, right? But ours is not like that, it’s the combination of Japanese samurai skills and super man. I can’t give you a visual example in this case :)). So just close your eyes and let’s your imagination works.

I won. In the last move, maknae’s sword is splashed out. She looked sad and silently laid her back on the wall. Exactly like this one:


– “Hey, what happened? It’s not a big deal, just a game”, I asked.

But, Seo started crying, a big cry, and I can do nothing but just embraced her with my right arm.

– “Hey, hey, don’t cry, tell oppa what’s wrong?” I comforted her.

– “Oppa…, sarang haeyo…”, She said (Yes, in Korean).

– “I knew and I…” Just right at the time, the girls suddenly entered the room, they looked at me and maknae. I looked at Taeyeon, and then continued “…but, I’m sorry, I can’t…, Taeyeon,…I…”.

After hearing what I said, she stopped crying, looked at me and smile, and then…my mom shouted out loud: “HEY, wake up son, you’ll be late”. Oh damn >.>, that’s how my dream ended.

Writing this line, I still can not believe it was just a dream, everything seems so real and I realized how much I love our girls, it is carved deeply in my heart and cannot be faded, FOREVER!

P/S: Sorry for my English if you do not understand ^^.

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