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[TIFFANISM] Why do people go nuts over her?


This is a project that I’m undergoing whenever I have time, I’ve become very interested at how a group of 9 talented individuals can bond and work together so perfectly as if they were all meant for each other. A little background, I’m a part time actor, singer and a major at writing, so I like to look past the images at face-value and work out exactly why snsd is REALLY the power of 9. A puzzle that has 9 perfect pieces that are all taken from different boards and how such a huge number of potential rivals can become something as close as a family can be.

I’d like to note that this analysis is purely my opinion and I hope all comments aren’t taken to heart, I will not go out and bash without reason, I love snsd and just want to see further past the looking glass and I hope you guys can read and enjoy this journey of mine along with me, as I am also writing this for my own interest in snsd. I want to thank 1018 for helping me by adding a few things here and there.

This is the first, my favorite, Tiffany Hwang, brighter than jewels.

Tiffany is by no means the best singer, neither is her strong point in the dancing area. So why do people who support Tiffany go absolutely nuts over her? It is obvious to point out the fact that she has this energy within her that draws people to her. Her enthusiasm and initiative for anything and everything sets the bar to become a lovable person. Her eye smile is, however you look at it, captivating and it has this beauty or cuteness factor to it that will make most men take a second look.

When breaking down where she fits into this puzzle of 9, you can’t really look at one thing with Tiffany, she’s not as easy to strew apart if you listen to a snsd song for the first time with just the audio. To say that her vocal ability is her strong point is correct, but it is also incorrect as many will object that there are stronger vocal personalities within the group. If I were to take it apart and analyze her voice, it would be like this.

There are singers who are perfect at harmonizing, singers that are complete powerhouses and can hold a solo all on their own or singers that can meld with other voices, Tiffany, undeniably, works to fit all these categories and has time and time again shown potential in every field.

Obviously as a group these voices meld together well in the chorus, so you can check that off your list to begin with. Tiffany’s work as a complete solo artist is completely underrated, she has shown in many of her songs that she can indeed, sing solo, as proven in performances such as her rendition of Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together” and also the more recent solo song “By Myself”

Her singing range isn’t ungodly and unattainable but it is the very fact that this girl has a unique voice that it is able to stand not only on its own, but also together with other voices. She sings very comfortably in the baritone, tenor range, and though lacks the high pitch that Jessica will have, or the belting prowess that Taeyeon holds, her vocal ability is far from novice. She can belt off harmonies while not going off pitch (again in her rendition of “We belong together” and also looking at the differences in her voice in the Jazz & Rock Version of Gee and the regular Gee) and has very good control over her voice and where it works best. So why does a girl that can be seen as overshadowed by other members be essential for this puzzle?

The answer is simple, pure….hard…work… although there is a point in time where everyone can agree that these girls as a whole do their very best; Tiffany is probably THE hardest working soshi in the group purely because of the personality that drives her to BE that person.

When looking down the list, many of the soshi members have abilities that might make them stand out, such as Yoona being an actress, Seohyun being a pianist and Taeyeon being a regular host for a radio show, but Tiffany’s one ability that she prides above all is her singing ability. Does that mean she isn’t special at all seeing as she is alongside 8 other sisters that can sing? More or less, it at least shows that she constantly tries to improve upon herself on the one thing that she is passionate in, regardless of how she stacks up against others.

We all know that Tiffany hasn’t had an easy start, being one of two coming from an overseas country, leaning the language and also training at the same time, you have to also factor in the losses that she’s had. These losses, however you look at it, makes Tiffany a much stronger person, being able to plough through so much emotion and still come out the other end standing. This is an incredible feat, and it is this perspective that has given her the drive to try to do everything as perfect as possible.

We saw her reduced to tears over the loss of her mother, and the very fact that she said it on TV, in tears, yet continually pulling through shows the very ethic of determination that drives her. Her constant following of God might make other people irk, but the religion that she follows is a huge pillar that makes her try that much harder as a human being, using quotes form the bible to rise up morale and spirits. She is an emotional see-saw, constantly looking out for others, while at the same time pushing her through to the road of perfection to keep up with her talented sisters. It isn’t hard to see tiffany for the first time and immediately think “American girl who just wants all the attention” but if you take a closer look, when she jumps up to immediately answer a question, it isn’t about HER, it’s always about the group. This has become an almost muscle reflex for her, always protecting her sisters, and when she asks for opinions, it isn’t because she wants someone to pat her back and tell her how fantastic she is, she does this because she is an emotional see-saw that always second guesses her own abilities and feels that she needs to work it constantly to keep up to 8 sisters that seem just as if not MORE talented. Both Yuri and a manager has stated that Tiffany is very very hardworking, people on the set have noted on how polite she is to everyone and how she brings coffee to them instead of having it brought to them or herself, regardless of her being the singer, she puts other people first before her. Tiffany is viewed by many as one of the mothers of soshi, which is easy to understand. Once you see a few vides here and there. Throughout Hello baby she is constantly cleaning up after everyone and looking over everyone’s shoulders. As soon as kyungsan starts crying, she immediately looks and tries to help out, much to her avail, and when kyungsan cries harder, she sulks to the corner but never lets kyungsan out of her sight out of care. She is constantly telling her sisters to be careful throughout many behind the scenes videos, it is very obvious that Tiffany cares a great deal about her sisters well being.

This brings up the point of her relationship with her sisters, which seem like something that is both remarkable and sadly terrifying at the same time. At one point, Tiffany has stated that she was closest to Taeyeon since they roomed together, at the same time longer down the road; you see her and her many interactions with Jessica and the fact that they have both stated that their voices are best for each other, also not ignoring the fact that Yuri and Tiffany both regularly MC a show together, it seems that Tiffany is one that spends time with every one of her sisters, from Yulti, Jety, Teany and even the occasionally soofany. Why is this?

I’d like to think it is because of her past. With everything that she has gone through, her 8 sisters is truly the closest thing to family. On KJE chocolate, she stated that her mum left her and ultimately gave her 8 wonderful sisters, it is this unwavering love for her sisters that makes her spend so much time with all of them because she feels that she needs to have a very strong bond with her sisters and that she cannot bear to be unloved or ignored by ANY of them. She is lovable, playful, and loves to joke and laugh, but at the same time she is a see through glass, constantly showing every emotion that runs through her head and unable to hide it and becoming so vulnerable that fans will feel sad and encourage her to no end, while anti’s have more fuel to their fire, a never ending battle for someone who continues to look at herself always as someone who is “imperfect” stacked up against 8 incredibly talented sisters.

Tiffany is the jewel that shines the brightest due to her constant diligence and her unwavering goal to constantly improve not for herself, but for her sisters.

Credit: Dreadtech | snsdkorean.wordpress.com

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  1. dreadtech
    [100418] at 9:37 PM

    Ok this is ridiculous. When I heard that this blog was copying from snsdkorean.wordpress.com, I turned a blind eye cause my fellow writers and bloggers from that site were already taking notice. But you didn’t even ask me permission to put this up. This project took me a long ass time to write and you have NO PERMISSION to post it up on your blog site, I am the writer for snsdkorean.wordpress.com doing this analysis project if you want proof come ask me on snsdkorean and I will confirm that this is me. This is plagiarism cause I have not given permission, I would have been nice and let you publish it as long as you credited both myself and the blog I write for (snsdkorean). This analysis project is only supposed to be up in snsdkorean and soshified at a later date. I do not allow this to be up and there will be repurcussions. This is pathetic, I hope your followers realize that this was ripped off form me and snsdkorean amidst other posts that were taklen word for word. The writers in snsdkorean try their best to be original. SNSD4u, I have no respect for you as of now

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