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[n] SNSD’s new messages @ Naver


Sunny: Everyone~!! Thank you so much >~< We’ll give you great music in return of your guy’s love. ~^-^ Thank U.

Yuri: Thank you, and thank you again. I hope you can see how sincere I am…

YoonA: I’m SNSD’s YoonA. What do you think of our new album? Do you like it~?^^ Always be healthy, continuing to be SNSD~ “Soshi=Sone”.

Sooyoung: [oh! oh! oh! I love Sone!] Be healthy and please love Oh! a lot!!!

Jessica: wow~!! We’re always thankful. ^^ Please anticipate on SNSD’s and Jessica’s promoting period!!

Tiffany: Finally~ album#2!! Our 2nd full album!! Every single song is very precious~ And to think that we can all hear it… I’m so happy >-< Like now~ Please anticipate on my passionate singing from now on… I’m always thankful… I’ll pray that I’ll do everything that I can be blessed in~ God bless!!!

Hyoyeon: Ye~!!! SNSD’s 2nd full album!!!!! Please love [Oh!] a lot~!!!! {Oh Oh Oh Oh I love Oppawa~!!}

Taeyeon: I’m SNSD’s Taeyeon. Thank you for purchasing our album. ^^ Please treasure it forever and please listen to it often. Hwaiting!!

Seohyun: Lucky~!! ^_^ You’ll are most special person~! Hope that your dream will come true in 2010! Please support us. SNSD~! We will keep our effort up!

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