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[n] What do the numbers on SNSD’s shirts in ‘Oh!’ MV mean?

The MV to SNSD’s comeback song ‘Oh!’ has just been revealed today on 27th January. In the MV, the girls are featured in 2 concepts for their cheerleader styles – there is one where the girls are seen wearing the pink and white pastel tones reminiscing the Barbie look in the locker room; and the 2nd one featured the girls in blue and white clothes like typical cheerleaders.

Other than that, there has been much interests on the meaning to the numbers on the members’ shirts.

Go under the cut to find out.

In the MV, the numbers seen on the girls’ shirts:

  • HyoYeon: 32
  • Jessica: 22
  • Sunny: 12
  • SooYoung: 24
  • TaeYeon: 9
  • Yuri: 21
  • SeoHyun: 11
  • YoonA: 7
  • Tiffany: 0

A SM Entertainment representative revealed on 27th January, “The So Nyeo Shi Dae girls chose the numbers which they like.”

Meanwhile, the girls will have their comeback stage on MBC Music Core performing ‘Oh!’ coming 30th January.

S: MyDaily

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