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[n] Oh! on k-pop charts

Oh! did real good on the real-time charts today. Most new songs by popular artists get #1 on real-time but still they take few hours to climb up to #1 while Oh! just shot up to #1 at release time.

Now we move on to the real charts, the daily charts.

Last time around Melon daily chart updated at 6AM KST each day. That’s how it was when I was checking couple of months ago and I don’t think it changed since then. MNet and Dosirak update few hours later around 10AM-ish.

Melon First Day Entry used to be really hard. Most hit songs entered around #40. Gee, Genie of course set records entering in top 10, those were just incredible. Last September Melon changed the formula and since then it is quite easier for songs to enter top 10 Melon so this record is not as significant as before. Nonetheless Oh! is expected to enter within top 3 Melon in few hours. Note that Oh! was released at 10AM so it has disadvantage of having only 14 hours on the chart today instead of 24 hours.

MNet and Dosirak also guaranteed for top 3 entries. Good chance Oh! will debut at #1 on either or both of these charts.

Bugs we already have #1. Bugs chart says it’s a real-time chart but it’s different from other real-time charts. It is an accumulative real-time chart so the #1 we have on Bugs now is the #1 for the day.

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