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[n] SNSD working on upcoming MV choreography


Ever since rumors of SNSD’s return to the stage were confirmed earlier this month, fans have been scrambling for clues on the group’s upcoming album and the new concept that the girls will bring. Lisette Bustamante, an established choreographer who has worked with SM Entertainment in the past, posted on her Twitter that she was working with SNSD in Seoul on a video, presumably the choreography for the upcoming MV for the album’s title track.

Lisette Bustamente choreographed fellow SME artist BoA’s BUMP BUMP !, Eien, as well as many numbers in THE FACE Live Tour back in 2008.

More developments have arisen regarding SNSD’s album; it has been reported that the girls have returned from their recent vacation. “The members had a vacation recently, and now plan to actively work on their upcoming album,” a rep said.

On a recent broadcast of MTV’s Girls on Top which features YoonA, her stylist hinted that the concept of the new track would be a mixture of the cute side of SNSD that we’re used to & a futuristic side that the girls will reveal.

Furthermore, a rumored tracklist has surfaced the internet, but since it’s unconfirmed by any sources, we’ll leave this as a rumor for now:

Since Girl’s Galaxy is ranked first and plays into the earlier hint about a futuristic concept, it’s likely that this is the title of the girls’ next title track. What do you guys think of that? Personally, I hope the girls don’t try to pull something colorfully trendy… only 2NE1 can truly pull that off. Considering how strong their Genie sailor/army concept was though, I’m sure the stylists have something promising in mind.

Stay tuned for more on SNSD’s new album, set to drop in February!

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