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Battle of the Female Idols: SNSD, Lee Hyori, Son Dambi, Kara & 2NE1!


It seems like 2009 won’t be the end of girl groups, since they will be returning for the new year.

But things can’t always be the same: solo artists Lee Hyori and Son Dambi will be joining the war as well.

Girl groups SNSD, Kara and 2NE1 will have comebacks in February & March. It will be tough to predict who will be the last one standing, as these groups all had explosive popularity last year. But with the two huge female solo artists coming back, especially Lee Hyori, the girl groups might fail to be number one.

Hyori has reigned as the ’sexy queen’ for a few years now, and she’s not going to get her title taken away so easily. Many male fans “sprung” (ahem) watching her perform U-Go-Girl and Hey, Mr Big in 2008.

Son Dambi had a successful singing career, with Crazy and Saturday Night was a double-hit. She is planning to bring us another addictive song, so keep your eyes locked on her.

Many Koreans forgot about SNSD’s rough past and gave the girls much love last year. Gee and Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) definitely a double-hit, with everyone singing the song and following the dance moves. We got a sneak preview of their new song from their concert, and fans were loving it. They are scheduled to return March, so mark your calendars!

With the addition two new members last year, Goo Hara and Kang Jiyoung, Kara’s popularity started to rise. Many believe that Goo Hara’s explosive popularity began to rise with Goo Hara’s adorable mistake at the first performance of Pretty Girl. The group won their first music show award with the song Honey, and then got everyone staring at their bums with Mister. The girls haven’t finalized their next concept yet, but I’m sure it’ll be revealed soon.

Even though 2NE1 debuted less than a year ago, the girls didn’t really seem like rookies, especially when their first mini album sold over 80,000 copies. Fire and I Don’t Care had styles unique from other songs, and fans absolutely loved both tracks. It has been revealed that they will return with a completely different concept in early spring.

Credit: allkpop.com

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