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SNSD and the HanKyung rumor


Decomber 23rd a Chinese website posted a news article titled "HanKyung was humiliated by SNSD numerous times and Kim Heechul can’t stand any longer". This "news" originated from SNSD’s anti organization, and the nation’s media press posted the anti’s "news" as news article, which is the first time such a thing happened.

But, as long as one who understands SNSD and HanKyung will know that this is absolutely false.

RUMOR #1: The "news" said Super Junior’s Heechul once disclosed during an interview that there was this one time when in the dressing room when SNSD’s Taeyeon saw HanKyung’s blonde hair and made a remark "Oppa what are you doing? Do you think that dying your hair blonde will make you look more like a Korean?".

TRUTH: EVERYONE knows that SNSD debuted in year 2007, HanKyung had the blonde hair in year 2006, and how would they be able to share the same dressing room in the first place?

RUMOR #2: "News" said that during a Korean variety show, Hankyung was dancing Chinese traditional dance and Taeyeon was saying "..so the Chinese traditional dance is only up till this standard?" Jessica followed by "This kind of dance~ even kids can do that!" and all SNSD members laughed. HanKyung’s face darkened and the MC hurriedly changed the subject.

TRUTH: HanKyung performed Chinese traditional dance a lot of times but for Korean variety shows, he only performed 3 times. Twice was in year 2006. The last time was in year 2007, but the program only had 1 female guest and its Lee Sooyoung. The person can’t even differentiate the Sooyoung from SNSD from Lee Sooyoung. Of course, this didn’t happen at all.

RUMOR #3: There was this interview for the SM family and TVXQ is absent. So the reporter asked if Hankyung taught any SNSD members Chinese and SNSD rudely said "It should be us teaching him Korean.." and (they did not even use formalities while saying this. and this is considered to be extremely rude in Korea).

TRUTH: LOL. Even more ridiculous. This was not even a SM family interview, but Tom’s Entertainment 08 Exclusive interview with SNSD. Title is "SNSD: Learning Mandarin from HanKyung oppa."

Original article was like this,
Tiffany: "We have not much chance to meet up with him a lot and if we do, we usually smile and greet each other, and he will even ask the members who are closer to him about their recent condition."
Hyoyeon: "Because we are all working in Korea, shouldn’t it be us teaching HanKyung oppa Korean??? ^^ "
They answered using formalities and its just a casual conversation-interview yet antis used this and twisted it to something that is not true. HanKyung isn’t even there in the first place, lol.

RUMOR #4: Yoona met HanKyung for the first time and asked him about his reason for getting into SM, like "You can get into SM because of your face right? China is so big and I don’t understand why you Chinese always run to Korea and work." and this made Heechul very angry and even made a blog post about it.

TRUTH: Heechul did not post anything about this at all in his blog which you can already tell this is totally made up by the anti.

China netizens in response to this rumor:

-"So, any passersby and "Black Ocean" members can just be the reporters so easily…".

-"Copying and pasting, cutting here and there (from old rumors) can be treated as new news again? ".

-"Wow..this job looks like it needs not much skills and knowledge..i suggest the boss to hire elementary kids. Save the cost of employment."

-"*faints* i thought its some big news…wasted my day to just read the sentence that Heechul posted 2 years ago.(which is not even true)"

-"Nowadays the tabloids really have nothing to post, reporters aren’t even as pro as us fans, LOL. All BS.(this phrase is a lil messy but yeah she’s meaning its bs)

-"I didn’t know Koreans are blonde naturally =))"

-"Talented…don’t be a reporter. Be a novelist, guaranteed Nobel’s Prize.”

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