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SNSD has reached their world dream

SNSD had their first solo concert <SNSD 1st Asia Concert> on the 19th and the 20th at the Seoul Olympic Park. This concert was the start of SNSD and other idols going overseas to have a concert.

At the concert, there were 13,000 fans, holding pink glowing sticks, and cheering for SNSD. In this concert out of all the fans, 70.80% of them were male. Uncle Fans, Older boy fans, and younger boy fans took over the seats.

Sports Korea has gotten a sneak peak of the concert that SNSD has put their sweat and passion into.

#Leaving to get ready for the concert~
To get ready for the concert, Tiffany and Hyoyeon left to go to the practice room but found a poster along the way. They stopped and looked at the poster very carefully. They seemed happy just looking at it. Tiffany and Hyoyeon made a V sign with a big smile on their face.

#Who’s hand is this?
SNSD’s member was fooling around with a make up brush. Make up is an important thing to make SNSD look stunning for their concert. SNSD is famous for having the charm of looking great without makeup. After seeing lots of makeup, SNSD started playing with it because of their curiosity.

#Mischievous Sunny 
With the concert coming up, Sunny said she’ll "get rid of the stress in her mouth" by putting lots of air in her mouth. Because of Sunny’s unusual behavior, all the member’s burst into laughter. It made them forget being nervous about their upcoming concert. Sunny is defiantly SNSD’s cute baby.


#Taeyeon! It’s the first time seeing you like this!
After seeing The Pussycat Doll’s <Hush Hush>, Taeyeon is trying to imitate looking sexy. Taeyeon wore a red jacket and black pants that revealed her waist line on stage. It’s hard to find her innocent image. You can only see Taeyeon’s sexy and suggestive look. The viewers couldn’t take their eyes off of Taeyeon’s new image.

#Angel Yoona 
Yoona is flying with the help of the wire. Seeing her Wearing the White dress and flying all over the place, it feels as if you’re looking at a angel. With Yoona’s cute expression and pose, she has received lots of cheers.

#Singing in the Rain
We were able to see SNSD’s cute rain show. The rain has cooled off the hot stage that SNSD has made. SNSD was cute holding the umbrella and wearing the raincoat. This will the the start of SNSD’s concert, early next year they will go to Japan, China, and Thailand for their Asia tour.

Translator: KrystaIce@soshified
Source: http://news.hankooki.com/lpage/culture/200…3734111780.htm#

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