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Seohyun, an extortionist?

Oh the stories that Strong Heart reveals!

On the Christmas edition of the show, SNSD maknae Seohyun decided to reveal her dark past as a Corleone family member, extorting money from rival family businesses.

Just kidding of course, but the girl does have some attitude when it comes to money.

Seohyun revealed that she was always careful about her money, down to 10’s of won (less than 1 cent!).

Of course, the issue came up, "Has anyone in SNSD borrowed money from you and not repayed?"

Somewhat shyly, Seohyun revealed that Yuri had once borrowed a whopping 1920 won (~$2.00) to buy jellies back when Seohyun was in middle school. She casually put it off saying that it didn’t matter anymore when Shindong commented, "The way I see it, when she says it doesn’t matter anymore, she’s actually saying, ‘At least pay it back now.’"

After being sidetracked, Seohyun continued with her story. "So because we have 9 members in the group, our schedules are pretty tight. If we have something scheduled at 6 A.M. we have to get up at 3 or 4 to be on time. If we aren’t, everything gets pushed back. So I told everyone, ‘For every minute late, I’ll collect 1000 won (~$1.00) from everyone. I think I’ve collected more than 1 million won (~$1000)."

So who’s been penalized the most?

"Jessica unni… I usually have to wake her up 5 times. We were an hour late once because of her."

That’s $60 right there!

Taeyeon confirmed Seohyun’s mobster like behavior, "Once I was second into the car and she said to me, ‘Unni, you’re a minute late, $1 please.’"

And where does all the money go? The girls use it for necessities such as groceries and the like.

What a strong willed maknae! The guests started commenting, "Maybe Seohyun should become the leader!" and "She would fit better into the National Tax Service!"

credits: allkpop
source: http://www.allkpop.com/index.php/full_stor…r_extortionist/

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