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[n] Taeyeon’s younger cousin garner interests

A fresh face that has been garnering attention of the netizens lately is that of Hany (Possibly Hanhee or Hani, there’s no way I could know).

Who is this Hany you ask? Why, she’s none other than the younger cousin of our very own Kko Kko Ma Leader Taeyeon!

You guys remember Taeyeon’s “Trom Bear” pics right? Well, just in case you don’t, I’ll refresh your memory. And if you do…well, a little Taengoo pic-spam never did any harm. XD

Recently through the ChinChin website, DJ Taeng shared some pictures of her cousin, to whom she sent a matching bear for her birthday. She added the statement, “Look, I bought my cousin a big teddy just like mine…It’s her birthday so I gave it as a gift…I love my cousin…Look how sweet she is with the big teddy bear, it’s a sign of our sweet love as cousins.

Fans were all hyped up about Taeyeon’s cute relative, to be sure.

Aww, gosh! She really is adorable! She looks just like Taeng (but taller haha). And she’s a 91′er, just like Seobaby. These two must’ve had a fairy-ancestor or something. They look really alike. Taeyeon also added, “Even though she’s from a rich background, she told me ‘Unnie, it was the best gift I’ve ever received.’”

Hany’s family supposedly runs a restaurant or something of the like. It’s touching to see that while she’s a super famous mega-star from Korea’s top girl-group, Taengoo still thinks about her family.

Credit: snsdkorean.wordpress.com

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